Rowing Passion

The company groups that look for a rural activity, with some action, love one of our star sports: a boat-racing tradition (rowing regatta) between two or more teams of their own company. This activity brings such a great emotion because, within the tailor-made program, we seek interaction with a local rowing team, so our guests […]

By sea, by road.

The Basque Country (Spain) looks completely different depending on whether you see it from land or from the sea. There are areas of the coast especially beautiful when you see them from a boat, for example, Pasajes, hidden along a fjord, as well as San Sebastián, with a shell-shaped bay and the Santa Clara island in […]

Swing & food

Golf starts with “go” by go Basquing. We have explored every different alternative and ideas around this sport. We know every course, how to access each of the possibilities private clubs, and have designed all the possible routes … Our research was so intense that Basquetour, a well-known tourism institution, reached to us as consultants […]

go, go, go surfing!

For a Basque surfer, a storm in Ireland is exciting news. Last year that storm brought to our Cantabrian Sea the waves that we were waiting to celebrate the Big Wave World Tour in Punta Galea (Basque Country-Spain). Surfers specialized in giant waves from the United States, Hawaii, Portugal, Chile, Peru, Australia, Brazil and South […]

A work meeting Surrounded by waves, beaches and (Michelin) stars

While boarding my airplane in New York on the way home I heard two New Yorkers talking about Spain. One of them knew the country well. For the other one, it was his first trip. – Which are the must see cities? -Definitely San Sebastian, because it is the most beautiful city in the world, […]

Waves or yoga?

We woke up in a hotel with over 100 years of history, in a city European Capital of Culture 2016, with a shell-shaped bay and a pearl-shaped island in the middle. The views from the terrace were great. The most amazing remark about breakfast was that, even though our group was large and heterogeneous, it […]

It’s time to surf!!!

On days like today with southerly winds and high tides, I always end up somewhere along the coast, admiring the big waves and their foam. The winter light further emphasizes the pure white color, what a spectacular view! It is at this moment that I catch myself thinking of our go Basquing surf-addict guests and […]

Working together along the Basque Coast destination

Local agents along the Basque Coast met last Thursday at Ficoba exhibition center, Irún, organised by Basquetour, the Basque tourism agency. Sharing the vision of becoming a destination of reference for travellers to Europe, we had conversations with other agents and French companies to start potential collaborations. Surfing Euskadi club of agents is a reference […]