A simple detail?

We believe in the power of details. Throughout all these years of work, one of our most important values is the process we have developed so that all our programs have a common quality seal. This process goes beyond an exhaustive follow-up, is based on HOSPITALITY, with capital letters, and it is for this that we focus on the little details that trigger your emotions and senses.

At one of our last farewells, one of the guests responded:

What smell are you taking with?
The smell of freshly caught fish when it arrives in Getaria village.
A sound?
The awakening of nature in Urdaibai (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve).
The foam of the waves traced by a surfboard. 
The color of the Rioja wine against the white linen tablecloth.
The black chocolate truffle that you left in the room, to pair it with an exquisite iced and sweet txakoli.

This last answer may be difficult to understand, especially coming from a person who has been enjoying some of the best restaurants in the country; however, for us, it makes sense. What everybody takes with themselves when they leave is the taste of our care.

go Basquing Team – DMC Boutique 
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