A piece of Civilization

One of the most representative salt flats in Europe is located in the Salt Valley of Añana (Alava- Spain), at 60 km from the sea. Difficult to believe that this unique and magnificent place was a sea 200 million years ago!

Now it is a white lake of 120,000 square meters, divided into 5,000 wooden structures (eras) so that it does not affect the flavor. The production is done by hand and they produce 3 types of salt: mineral salt, salt’s flower, which is a thin crust on the surface of the water, and some salt’s stalactites that appear at the end of summer. These stalactites are only sold on counted occasions and are used by grating the piece on the plate.

Renowned restaurants such as Akelarre, Azurmendi, Berasategui, Mugaritz or El Celler de Can Roca have their own salt production space in this valley.

In addition to the leisure groups who participate in tasting activities and enjoy talking with the salt makers about the production, there is a very special space for organizing business meetings: an old 16th century warehouse.

If you are looking for a unique space and product, which maintains the authenticity and minerals of 200 million years ago, count on us to experience it thoroughly. Because, as the famous 3 Michelin star chef, Andoni Luis Aduriz says, “The salt of Añana, more than a seasoning, is a piece of civilization”

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