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Despite not being the most common, the last February 25th it snowed in Bilbao. The view from the window in the morning can only be seen in Bilbao once or twice a year since it is very close to the coast. This makes it special, although it may seem odd to someone who lives in the inside or in the north. It’s not only this view, but also the fact
that the snow piles up in the mounts and remains there for a while, making it perfect for climbing them. In the flat tops of the smallest mounts you can rest and play with the snow, but the best is to climb to the highest ones, from where you can see the completely snowed landscape.

Generally, the temperatures and the weather are milder in the winter. To give an example, two days after the snowfall it was a sunny day although the temperatures kept low. But also there are exaggerated people who wear short sleeves with 10 degrees and say that it’s not cold.

Most of the time along the year the weather is perfect for surfing due to the characteristics of the Cantatrian Sea, never being too cold and keeping the water in a good temperature. With a neoprene you can be hours in it, even for almost the whole winter and autumn. Besides, it’s during these seasons when you can catch the best waves. In fact, one of the biggest waves in the world, the wave of Mundaka, appears near here.

There are never heat waves or cold snaps, which is something to be happy about especially in summer. This doesn’t mean that it’s not hot; the temperatures doesn’t usually surpass 40 degrees, but generally it’s around 30 most of the time with such a weather, going to the beach is a blast. You can sunbathe without getting sunburnt and take a bath in the sea right after, which despite not being as warm as the Mediterranean, it is pleasant and even funny because of the surf.

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