An area of 7,234 km2 in northern Spain. A small dot on the map where one of the oldest peoples in Europe (Paleolithic), with their own language: A destination to be discovered, that maintains its ancient traditions, the authenticity of its inhabitants and medieval, fishing and farming villages. A territory that can be covered by car, bike and boat that offers a world of different possibilities to enjoy.

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A work meeting Surrounded by waves, beaches and (Michelin) stars

While boarding my airplane in New York on the way home I heard two New Yorkers talking about Spain. One of them knew the country well. For the other one, it was his first trip. – Which are the must see cities? -Definitely San Sebastian, because it is the most

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Wine, spa and art

Whenever we take our guests to the winery Marqués de Riscal we know we will get a “wow”. Suddenly, hidden among vines and next to a small town of s. XI, some forms of titanium that wave to the wind in wine tones appear. A structure created by F. Gehry

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Ideas that arise hidden in a cabin, surrounded by cliffs, parks and vineyards.

We have the instinct to find special places and people. We are always looking for ways to inspire. Wherever they are, we come to them. In this case from the hand of one of our collaborators, of which we have already talked about in this blog. José Ángel conveys passion,

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A space where to kiss, conspire, hug, hide, sing, jump, taste … and work

A gigantic wine storage, from the beginning of the 20th century, converted into a multipurpose space for culture, food, sports, reading, art … Philippe Starck designed “Azkuna Zentroa” as a place to unite people. As soon as you enter, in the open 610 square meters of the Atrium of Cultures,

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