Protected between mountains overlooking the Atlantic Sea, Basque Country has maintained until today its ancient traditions, in addition to be a reference in contemporary architecture. It offers a wide range of possibilities in a territory coverable in less than 1h 30′ by car. The main airport is in Bilbao. Biarritz is 50 km from San Sebastian. In addition, we discover destinations such as Malaga, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona. With direct flights of 80’.

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Gymkhana at the Bilbao’s Old Town

If you see a crew with a txapela* and an arrantzale’s* scarf tied to their necks, iPad in hand, walking around the medieval quarters of Bilbao: It is us. It is very difficult to resist the proposal of playing an obstacle race (gymkhana), supported with technology, and with the aim of

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Sustainable business centre

“It looks like you’re in the bow of a glass vessel, docked in front of the Guggenheim Museum”. This was one of the comments we heard at the last event organized at the Torre Iberdrola Bilbao (Spain). An emblematic building referenced by its design, technology and sustainability, built by the same

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go Basquing values

We met at an entrepreneurship’s conference. go Basquing was just starting and Stéphanie was at a crossway, willing to find new opportunities. At the end, she approached me and said: “This project sounds good to me. I’d like to get to know it better”. At that time we had no expectations

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Emotional Material

This is what comes to mind when you step on the land of the López Heredia-Viña Tondonia’s vineyards. When you arrive to their door, you are warmly welcomed by Elvira. This family has dedicated more tan 150 years in Haro (Rioja-Spain) to produce exceptional wines, and after we see all the

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